Now Your Clothes Are Smart: Spire Swim Tracker

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Spire Swim Tracker is the world’s first smart swimsuit, introduced by advanced swim apps platform, in collaboration with the developer of the new Spire Health Tag wearable, Spire. Unveiled at the CES 2018, the smart swimsuit is aimed at allowing users to seamlessly track, log and analyze data from their swimming activities. To sportsmen, students and tech enthusiasts, this is an incredible innovation to check out. Perhaps, you might think that your tight schedule at school doesn’t allow you time to enjoy such developments.

As soon as a person puts on the swimsuit, the device automatically starts to track and sync the data to their phones via Bluetooth where it is analyzed using the advanced algorithms by As hinted by’s President, Davis Wuolle, ‘’the Spire Swim Tracker is by far the most cost-effective way for tracking your swims.’’ Spire Swim Tracker has continued to cause a stir in the swim tracking and fitness wearables market for several reasons.

Features of Spire Swim Tracker

This activity tracker is attached to clothes with the main purpose of providing a seamless experience. Ideally, users no longer have to worry about battery life, maintenance or even forgetting to put it on. It is ideal for both men and women. It comes with a myriad of features that enable it to deliver better performance and convenience over traditional activity trackers.

Tracker permanently bonded into the swimsuit

In the past, trackers were worn separately from clothes. This made them easy to forget and even lose. However, this new tag is tucked into the swimsuit around the beltline area using a special adhesive that holds it in place throughout the life of the suit. The tag is quite thin, compact and lightweight. Thus, its presence in the swimsuit is hardly noticed.

Once the suit is worn and the device paired with over the Spire app, it automatically starts tracking and sending data to the user’s phone. The fact that the tag is embedded into the swimsuit completely eliminates the need for wrist-worn tracking devices.

No charging is required

The Spire Swim Tracker has its own battery embedded into the device that lasts for the entire lifespan of the swimsuit. This is one aspect of convenience and efficiency that ensures swimmers can always use it any time and as many times as they want without worrying about the device running out of power. Besides, the no charging feature ensures greater savings in terms of power consumption.

Automated controls

With the Spire Swim Tracker, users are no longer bothered with pressing buttons in order to track, log and analyze their swims. Instead of buttons, the device is automated such that as soon as one puts on the suit, it independently syncs with their smartphone via Bluetooth to facilitate advanced tracking. The accompanying app relays information about the user’s swim distance, pace, time and overall progress over time. However, the Spire sensors can also calculate more complex metrics including, stroke count and types performed by the swimmer.

Comfortable design

The comfortable design of this smart swimsuit is because of its low-profile and soft touches that make it very hard even for swimmers to notice any change in the feel of the water. Compared to wearables like smartwatches, the smart Spire Swim Tracker does not cause any impacts on swimmers as they propel through the waters using their arms and feet. Besides, it is pool friendly and effectively works in all water conditions without a hitch.

Easy customizability 

Besides the features discussed above, the smart Spire Swim Tracker also comes with numerous customization options to enable users to get a perfect fit. Users can choose to have the Spire Health Tag wearable permanently installed onto their existing swimsuits. However, this comes at an additional cost, which according to and Spire is $30. and Spire are also developing ways for leveraging the breathing sensor by Spire. On the other hand, consumers can also choose from a wide range of swimsuit types and designs offered based on personal preferences and needs.

Despite the additional charges for customization, the overall price of the smart Spire Swim Tracker is still quite lower than most of its counterparts like the Apple Watch that cost up to a whopping $300. Coupled with the fact that this new swimsuit does not require charging, it is undoubtedly a more cost-effective option for swimmers to track their activities in the water.

True to the words of Spire CEO, Jonathan Palley, ‘’the Spire Swim Tracker is at the forefront of bringing integrated apparel and athletic performance monitoring to swimmers. For students that may want to write essays about this revolutionary tech, hiring a credible online essay helper is an easier way of obtaining outstanding papers.

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