Nokia E7 : Four Inches of Business!

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Mobile phone’s used to big. That couldn’t be helped, the technology in it’s youth could only mean that phones had to be big. Then they got small, real small. You can get a phone in your watch. Recently however it seems ok for phones to be big again but the new Nokia E7 is more than a big phone, it’s a big “business” phone.


Like the old Nokia business phones the E7  has a slide out QWERTY keyboard which makes the phone a portly number like it’s brother N8. Again this a new Symbian 3 operated phone and has a 4-inch screen with the same Clear Black Display as the C6. It has an 8MP camera, again capable of shooting 720p video but also has HDMI out and Dolby Digital Surround sound just like the N8. It will also have 16GB of onboard storage. For the people who actually will use it for business, the Nokia E7 has full Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support for all your business needs and no doubt when Symbian 3 is in full flow, there will be plenty of new apps for you to sink your teeth into.


In a way you could say the E7 is the mature version of the N8 with less of a camera. Available by Christmas it should be just over £400.


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