Nokia C7 : Slim and Sociable

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Nokia this week has had a conference (Nokia World 2010) held in London and from it have come a few new phones. With the delay on the N8, Nokia haven’t been busy with other phones, but it appears secretly they have and so have announced 3 new phones that we at MightyGadget will talk about today.


The C7 appears to be slimmed down version of the N8. The N8 certainly is a brute of a phone and Nokia have scaled it down. The C7 is a Symbian 3, 3.5” AMOLED screened affair which is a tiny 10.5mm thick. On the flipside is an 8MP camera, ok not as good as the N8’s 12MP camera but like the N8 this will shoot 720p video. You’ll get 8GB of onboard storage which can be expanded via microSD by a further 32GB. What’s interesting is that Nokia has added Active Noise Cancellation to the phone, to deliver clearer calls. The other interesting point to make is the battery life…….. 27 days on standby, crikey!


The main thing Nokia is pushing with this phone is it’s social networking capabilities. Obviously the new OS should improve things but they’re adding support to several other “foreign” networks that a used more in other countries. It’s obviously not all about Facebook and Twitter. Available in Blighty later this year it should retail around the £280 mark or most likely a fair price on a subsidised contract.


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