Nokia C6 : New screen to match Retina Display

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On first glance the C6 seems a lot like the C7 but Nokia is pulling out some more stops for this phone. With iPhone 4’s Retina Diaplay and the Super AMOLED of the Galaxy S it’s Espoo’s turn to get our eyes onto something better than the rivals.


This will be achieved via what Nokia is calling CBD. ClearBlack Display to you and me. Basically what it is, is a top end touchscreen which provides much better contrasts than current screens on the market. How does it do this, well here’s what Nokia said “the background of the ClearBlack Display is blacker than black, because we have used a polariser to remove unwanted reflections for important outdoor visibility. It has lower power consumption too. It’s not only blacker, it’s also greener.”


The phone itself is housed in a sleek stainless steel casing and is small in comparison to the giant smartphones like the N8 or Xperia X10. Again another Symbian 3 phone, it will have an 8MP camera and will be bundled with a new and improved Ovi Maps. No information on an exact release date just expect later this year probably around the same price as the C7.

Nokia C6

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