Nokia Announces 7.9″ Android N1 Tablet

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Nokia may be out of the phone game, temporarily at least, but it appears they are still interested in developing hardware. Yesterday and the Slush 2014 conference Nokia officially announced the N1 tablet.

Priced at just $249 the Nokia N1 has a 7.9″ 2048 x 1536 screen, 32GB of storage and is powered by a Intel Atom Z3580 SOC with PowerVR G6430 @ 533MHz for the GPU. It also comes with 2GB ram an 8MP Rear Camera, Bluetooth 4.0, and 802.11ac WiFi.

The N1 will be one of the first devices to adopt the new Type-C USB connector, which is the new reversible USB connection. It won't use USB3 though, it is still wired up to the old USB2 standard. This does mean all your old cables will be redundant on this device, but over the next year or 2 we will see many more devices adopting this connector.


Obvious comparisons have been made with the iPad Mini, due to its size, screen resolution and overall look. We think it could make a good cheaper alternative to the Google Nexus 9.

Unfortunately there is no word on availability in the UK. Boy Genius has reported that it is expected to launch in China after Chinese New Year, with further releases in Russia and parts of Europe in the following months. Hopefully the launch will include the UK. There are no plans to bring the N1 to Northern America just yet.


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