Nokia and Windows 7 get friendly.

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Nokia, the top dog in mobile phones for so long, finally seeing it's majority hold on the market slumping with the successes of Apple, BlackBerry and Android mobiles. Many have put this down to the fact it stuck with it’s Symbian mobile platform which didn’t improve as greatly as the other 3 companies operating systems. It took Intel on board to create the MeeGo operating system which hasn’t really surfaced despite being talked about some time ago. All this finally came into perspective a few days ago when figures showed how much Nokia’s market share had slumped. Still up there with the big boys in terms of numbers but the others about to overtake a senior exec within them sent a damning memo which got out around the internet saying Nokia staff were “standing on a burning platform,” and were falling away from it’s rivals


So what can Nokia do to sort it out. As said MeeGo was supposed to be the start. An OS for Nokias new smartphones and even Tablet PCs but we haven’t seen anything of it. Nokia have said they still plan to release a MeeGo smartphone by the end of this year but mainly aiming it at a certain market as Nokia have said that MeeGo will only be “an open source mobile operating system project. So swallow some pride Nokia, what about Symbian? Nokia says it will become, “…a franchise platform,” saying it wants to, “…retain and transition,” existing users. That sounds to me like the once popular OS will be dying out.


So from there what’s next? FINALLY they’re going to bite the bullet and have entered a strategic partnership with Microsoft so that their future phones can turn to the ever growing Windows Mobile operating system. Nokia have said “Nokia would adopt Windows Phone as its principal smartphone strategy.”, opting for Bing search options, Xbox Live compatibility and Zune media playback functions. However Nokia will be keeping it’s very successful and great Nokia Ovi Maps.


Soon as the first Windows Mobile phones by Nokia get announced, we’ll be sure to let you know


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