Nexus One on Vodafone : Android 2.2 also coming

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As of yesterday one can now pre-order Google’s top notch ‘Droid phone the Nexus One on a Vodafone contract. Before punters could only buy one direct from Google, which unless you had all the cash spare in one go hasn’t been easy for those looking on a subsidised contract.


Available in stores on the 1st May if you pre-order online you could receive it a day earlier. The cheapest contract deals start at £25 for a 24 month contract and obviously different deals and prices are in effect as to what minutes, text and data allowance you can get.


To top that off, it is believed that Android 2.2 or “Froyo” as it’s being named should be available in May, or so rumours suggest. It has also been said that the Nexus One will be the first phone to get the OS upgrade too. This has come about from apparent phones spotted online, surfing the web using what is more than likely a test of Android 2.2. Couple this with the fact Google are having a conference at the end of May and hopefully that’s when we’ll get the details.


Hopefully all the older droid phones still not running 2.1 will get a quicker upgrade.


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