New Technological Trends That Are Changing iGaming Sphere

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The world of technologies is transforming every sphere of our lives and the clearest example is surely gaming. Only 15 years ago all we had was Snake on good-old Nokia! But today we can play virtual reality games, benefit from the best minimum deposit bonuses, and gather with virtual friends to defeat monsters and creatures. 

As the years go by, the iGaming industry is changing faster and faster, and it becomes difficult to follow all the trends. However, we have made a list of technological innovations that will surely change the iGaming sphere in the nearest future. Read the article and you will always be at the forefront of technologies.

Cloud gaming

This technology allows users to play video games over a live connection, so there is no need to download any software on the device. You save time and memory space and can start playing straight away. Cloud gaming became possible thanks to faster Internet connections which with time are growing more and more reliable.

With the help of technology, players have a better user experience and don’t need to wait for updates. Plus, game costs become lower which reduces the final price of the product. Recently, iOS and Android have adopted the technology which will surely make mobile gaming even better.

Virtual Reality

Most people don’t know that 3D technology was introduced over a century ago. But it was rather expensive and failed to gain the attention it deserved. Fortunately, it has emerged again and stirred the interest of not only movie directors but also gaming studios.

With the help of VR technology, players can become a part of the game. Just wear a helmet and try to save the world. Or become one of the best football players in the world. This technology also allows playing at virtual casinos, as if you are sitting at a real table with other gamblers.

Augmented Reality

The next trend that will surely change the iGaming sphere is Augmented Reality or simply AR. While Virtual Reality creates a virtual world, AR erases the borders between the real and the fictional worlds. It allows players to be in several dimensions at the same time and that is exactly what we call super-cool gaming. This technology will surely make the games more realistic and boost user experience to the maximum. No doubt that this technology isn’t going anywhere.

The most popular games that are already using Augmented Reality are Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Ticket to Earth, ARZombi, and Splitter Critters. You can also find this technology in the filters of Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.


The fourth trend that deserves your attention is cryptocurrency. While many gaming companies and online platforms still shy away from blockchain technology, its advantages are clear. Cryptocurrency allows outstanding anonymity and fast transactions. Whenever you need to fund the account, you can do it without sharing any personal details.

While some years ago there were only a few coins on the market, nowadays more and more companies are entering the game (for example, Libra by Facebook) and it’s obvious that crypto will only strengthen its positions. Hopefully, authorities will change their attitude and technology will be legalized all over the world.

Facial and voice recognition

The last trend that we want to cover in this article is facial and voice recognition. Nowadays, players are interested in the maximum personalization and customization of their favourite games and characters, and this technology can be of great use. With the help of facial recognition and 3D scanning, users can create their own avatars. Thus, you can appear in digital gaming without a need to hide under someone else’s appearance.

The second similar technology that will help to improve the gaming experience is voice recognition. If you are lazy to use gaming consoles, just pick the titles which accept this technology and see how simple it is to change the settings and enjoy the process.

Get ready to be surprised

Technologies are constantly changing and improving, and considering how many gamers there are on the market, it is obvious that the latest trends will have a direct impact on the industry. Make yourself comfortable and follow the iGaming tendencies not to miss a thing.

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