New Samsung Armani OLED Phone

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We’ve had a couple of these out in the past alongside the LG Prada phone, this is the phone for all the designer brand orientated of us who care not for gadgetry and specifications and just want style, class and above all looks. That’s exactly what the Samsung Armani phones deliver. The full details won’t be released till later but we’ve picked up on a leak on what to expect.


Not fully up to spec with the latest smartphones it still packs plenty of goodies. A 3.1” OLED(yum) touchscreen and a 5MP camera the Armani also has tucked away a T9 keypad for quicker texting. It also sports a microSD slot and HSDPA for your fast connection. Lets face it though if you’re still reading this the last paragraph was of no interest to you as you’re probably still drooling over the Armani name.


Frighteningly similar in spec to the Instinct HD(USA only Samsung) but much better looking, this phone is for all fashionista wannabe’s.


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