New Italian on-demand TV service Chili launches in the UK

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When it comes to entrainment, many viewers are committed to signing up for whichever subscription necessary and paying extensive amounts of money to keep up with their favourite series and movies. A one-stop service that streams updated series and films to any device, yet does not require a subscription? It seems too good to be true. But that’s exactly what CHILI, a pay-per-movie streaming service founded in Italy, does and why the UK is picking it up as a new competitor in its already competitive digital streaming space. In fact, Chili is available in the UK at

Since CHILI’s launch in Italy in 2012, it has gained over 1.6 million registered customers and also expanded into Germany, Poland and Austria. It stands out against the other television services on the market greatly by its ‘pay-per-view’ model, payment methods and ability to pre-order views of a film still at the cinema. The ‘no subscription required’ is a major draw, especially for occasional viewers who want the option of entertainment but not to have to pay for it every single month. Users can pay for rentals and purchases via credit or debit card, PayPal, or CHILI Wallet (a wallet connected to your profile that can be topped up beginning at  £5 using a credit card). Bonus: If you want to test out the service, the first movie you watch on CHILI is free!

Giorgio Tacchia, founder and chief executive of CHILI, explained on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up To Money show that CHILI has no intention of fighting with other on-demand content providers, but rather want to provide a “complementary” service. He said, “We tried to create through CHILI something completely different…it’s sort of a unique destination for the end user where they can search based on characters…you can find everything, the digital movie, the physical movie, merchandise, tickets to cinema, so it’s sort of a one-stop shop.”

Content is available across different formats and options for viewers. Each account can be connected to and simultaneously used on up to 5 different devices at no monthly or activation cost, including iOs and Android devices, your computer’s web browser, Smart TV’s from LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Philips, and Blu-rays. Content is available in the following formats: Standard Definition (720×576 pixels), High Definition (1280×720 pixels) and High Definition Plus (1920×1080 pixels). Each content format requires the appropriate broadband speed in order to deliver the best picture quality possible.

So what’s available on the entertainment platform? Tacchio stated, “At CHILI we’re proud to offer all the latest movie premieres – from foreign art house to big screen blockbusters – alongside official merchandise, exclusive cinema tickets and a news hub, all with no subscription to get in the way.” A standout title amongst the newly available: Darkest Hour starring Gary Oldman.

The arrival of CHILI in the UK is a definite plus for entertainment lovers across the UK.



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