New iMac : upgraded

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We’ve been a bit slow to up this news to you but the iMac has recently had a spec overhaul (as they do) and they look pretty tasty. However I’ll always be a PC fan but I can see the draw for some people to go for the iMac providing it’s for a genuine reason other than “it’s Apple” or “it’s pretty”


Anyway what’s it got. Well firstly it’s processor power. Now packing all your favourite and latest Core i3, i5 and i7 processors with Core i3 offerings of 3.2GHz, i5 of 3.6GHz and the massive 27” iMac can house a super Quad-Core 2.93GHz Core i7. So speed is certainly upped. Memory wise they start with a decent enough 4GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 16GB. 500GB of HDD will be standard but one can now opt for the 256GB SSD or again if you’re looking at the behemoth 27”, it can hold up to 2TB of HDD. The SD card slot now supports SDXC cards which at the moment reach as far as 64GB so certainly there’s plenty of space to be found for all your media and docs. The other spec increase comes in the form of a ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card perfectly capable of delivering high quality HD graphics and media content on the now standard LED backlit screen.


Packing all the usual goodies of Bluetooth, Firewire 800 and N-standard WiFi the new iMacs are ready to go now and will start at £999


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