New 8-Gen Intel Mobile CPUs Announced – includes 6-core i9-8950K that can be overclocked

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In the next few hours I will be posting about some laptop launches that include the just announced Intel CPUs, so I thought it would be prudent to make a post about the latest generation of processors from Intel.

We have already seen quite a lot 8th Generation CPUs from Intel, including many for the laptop. Today's release includes 11 new CPUs just to make things really confusing.

First up is the less exciting 28W U-series CPUs from Intel. These will be found in mainstream laptops.

These start off with the i3-8109U which is a dual core quad thread CPU with a base clock of 3Ghz. The U-series tops out at the Core i7-8559U which is a quad-core-octo-thread CPU with a base clock of 2.7GHz and boost speeds up to 4.5GHz. It is likely we will see these on a lot of the ultra-books and 2-in-1s.

The next range of CPUs which cover gaming and business. This range includes mobile Xeon chips with the E-2186M and E-2176M that are both hex core with 12 threads and use EEC memory.

The H and HK series of CPUs are the ones you will find later in my announcements. These start off with the Core i5-8330H which is 4/8 cores/threads and has a base of 2.3GHz and boosts of 4.0GHz.

Things quickly ramp up, and once you get to the Core i7-8750H, you get 6 cores with 12 threads and a base speed of 2.2GHz with a boost of 4.2GHz.

At the very top of the pack, you get the Intel Core i9-8950HK which is a 6-core-12-thread CPU with 2.9GHz base speed and boost speed of 4.8GHz. This particular CPU is unlocked so it can be overclocked and one manufacturer has it clocked at 5GHz.

The TDP of the Xeon, H and HK series are all 45W.

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