Netgear Arlo expands range with new Security Light System

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Netgear Arlo has been a huge success with its Arlo range of devices, and they are now even breaking it off to be its own business, losing the Netgear branding.

Home security cameras do a good job of night-time recording nowadays, but apart from the IR LEDs they don’t really help scare off potential intruders. Therefore, Arlo has launched a new security light that will integrate with the Arlo system.

The new Security Light System can both illuminate trespassers and switch on cameras. The lights are colour changeable, so you can have the system flash multiple colours to make sure any would be intruders more cautious.

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As with the other Arlo products, you can control this via Amazon Alexa, so enabling or disabling the system is just a quick command to Alexa.

These will also be battery powered as you would expect from Arlo and comes with the usual excellent mounting options.

The new lights should be available in the US anytime now, and later in the year for the UK.

Unfortunately, smart lights come at a cost, and these cost $150, while two- and three- packs are priced at $250 and $350 (no UK pricing yet). That’s as much as some camera systems like Blink XT cost and about 5-fold more than some regular dumb garden cameras. I can see the appeal though, and if you have already invested heavily in Arlo then these seem like a decent upgrade.

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