Is Neteller Payment Method Good Enough For Online Gaming?

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Neteller, also styled NETELLER, is among the most popular online payment methods, second only to Skrill. Neteller has been a leader in the business for more than a decade, and is renown for providing its users with a quick, reliable and safe way to transfer funds on the web.

Neteller is used by both individuals and businesses, and the alternative payment method is tremendously popular for online gambling purposes as well. Actually, the company began processing online payments a long, long time ago – just two years after its establishment in 1999. At the time, Neteller processed nearly 85% of the world’s online gambling operations.

As history has shown, those who pioneer do not always remain leaders in their field, but the case is not such with Neteller. Even today, Neteller is preferred by gamblers around the globe, and the payment system is also accepted at numerous reliable online casinos.

Today’s article focuses on the use of Neteller online payment for online gambling purposes.

All you need to know about Neteller

Founded in 1999 and originally based in Canada, Neteller is an online payment system. Several years after its establishment, the company relocated to the Isle of Man, and there it became subject to the legislation of the Financial Services Authority – the regulatory body of the UK. At present, Neteller is used in over 200 countries and its services are available in 15 languages.

What differentiates Neteller from the majority of online payment methods is that it stores each customer’s funds in an individual bank account, not unlike banks. That way, should Neteller go bankrupt, users can access their funds.

Neteller has several different purposes, but it is used primarily for online gambling purposes. The method is preferred by online players for a number of reasons, too. For example, opening up an account  with Neteller is a quick and easy process – players simply provide an authentic email address, as well as some personal data, such as name and valid address; last, but not least, customers are asked to add security questions and a password.

When the sign-up process is finished, players can use their Neteller account. A great way to fund the Neteller account is by using a credit or a debit card, but it is also possible to fund the account via bank transfers, and even e-Wallets, too. Moreover, most of these methods are processed immediately in order to provide maximum convenience.

To use Neteller payment at casinos, all players have to do is go to the cashier page of the casino and choose the Neteller payment method. Players are then asked to type in their Neteller account information, as well as select the amount they wish to deposit. Voilá! – in just a few seconds, the transfer should be completed.

Neteller and money withdrawal

Withdrawing funds from the casino account to the Neteller account is just as easy. Whenever players wish to make a withdrawal, they should visit the casino cashier page and select the Neteller payment method. Again, they are asked to type in their Neteller account information, as well as the amount of money they wish to withdraw.

It has to be noted that withdrawals are not as quick as deposits, and players usually have to wait between one and three days for a transaction to be completed.

On the other hand, withdrawing funds from the Neteller account is slightly more time-consuming, and the method itself might not appeal to everyone. To take money out of the Neteller account, players are required to verify their account by providing an image of a valid photographic ID.

Money can be withdrawn from the Neteller account in a cheque form or by a bank draft. Each of these methods can take up to 21 days, and customers are also required to pay a fee. If players do not wish to wait for so long, they can choose to withdraw funds through a bank transfer. On the downside, this method is also subjected to a fee.

Advantages of using Neteller in online casinos

As we already mentioned, the Neteller payment method is preferred by many online casino players, and for a reason, too. As a matter of fact, Neteller boasts incredibly high levels of security. With it, gamblers do not have to reveal their personal data to third parties (such as casinos), so it is highly unlikely that they will become the victim of any fraudulent attempts.

Apart from protecting its users’ personal data, Neteller utilises a 128-bit encryption to guarantee that transactions are completed in a safe manner. What is more, transaction times are substantially shorter than those of other online payment methods – deposits are processed instantly, and withdrawals take up to three days to complete.

In the end, players who use the Neteller payment method can take advantage of the regular promotions,  reserved for Neteller users, which are available at many online casinos.


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