Why do you need a VPN on Android?

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When you think about Android essentials, you might think of your favourite messaging app, a nice case, or good headphones – but a VPN? Believe it or not, a VPN is one app you should not leave home without if you’re an Android user.

VPNs are used to boost users’ security and privacy, and both of these can help Android users immensely. It’s more than simply a question of convenience – a VPN for Android will help shore up some of the most glaring security vulnerabilities when you use your smartphone.

Industry-leading VPNs offer plenty of security and privacy featured, but any VPN has two core functions you should know about. The first is that it sends your traffic through an additional server that is often located in another country, thereby hiding your location. If any website tries to detect your location, they’ll only find out the location of your VPN server, not where you’re from. The other is encryption. VPNs will make it impossible for hackers, ISPs, and even governments read your traffic. This encryption tunnel usually runs from your device all the way to the VPN’s server, but other types of encryption can secure your traffic all the way up to whatever website you’re visiting.

Why you need a VPN for Android

Travelling to restrictive countries

Different countries have different internet censorship and monitoring policies, and some are more restrictive than others. Facebook users visiting China from abroad may be disappointed to discover that Facebook and even Gmail are blocked in China. Of course, this can make staying in touch with loved ones difficult.

Fortunately, many premium VPNs can make it through the Great Firewall of China. And China isn’t the only country with such restrictive policies, so the active globetrotter will definitely want a VPN on their Android.

Your Android’s security is at risk when you travel

Just like any mobile device, you can use your Android to access the internet while you travel, even if you’ve long since left your operator’s service area behind. However, that convenience can come at a cost, as connecting to public wifi can leave your device open to a number of different attacks.

VPNs encrypt users’ communications so they remain private and secure. A VPN on your Android will encrypt your data so that even if there’s a hacker monitoring traffic on an unsecured public wifi network, they’ll have no way of gaining access to your data.

Access geo-restricted services

It may not occur to you before leaving home, but some of your favourite websites or online services may not remain available when you travel abroad. Geo-blocking can be done to meet legal requirements, to inflate prices, or for other reasons, but either way, having a VPN on your Android will help you avoid this nuisance.

One of the core functions of a VPN is routing your traffic through a server in a country other than yours. This replaces your IP address with one provided by the VPN and hides your location, giving you a cloak of relative anonymity online. That anonymity makes it impossible for websites and services to determine your true location, providing them with the country of your choice. When you travel, simply set your VPN to your home country to enjoy the internet as though you never left home.

Naturally, these same services can appeal to students studying abroad or to people who have to travel or relocate for work. Bring an online slice of home with you!

With the growing number of security breaches and cybersecurity threats these days, staying secure is more important than ever. Make sure you cover your bases by getting a VPN that serves multiple devices and has a mobile-friendly interface. With the right package of premium security features, a VPN will secure all of your devices and give you peace of mind while you browse and travel!

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