N79, N85 Confirmed

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TechRadar reports that the N79 and N85 handsets first captured in spy shots in June have finally become official.

To the left (shown bearing the N00 markings as in the original leaked photos) is the new slider design, the N85. The phone appears to be a baby brother to the new flagship handset, the N96, with a 2.6″ OLED screen, GPS, FM radio and 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens. The N85 will be delivered with a free 8GB memory card.

Over on the right is the new “candybar” phone, the N79. Bundled with a 4GB memory card, the N79 packs in all the same features as the N85, and sees the return of the old Xpress-On replaceable covers that owners of the old 3210 handsets will not-so-fondly remember.

Contract-free prices are reported to be €350 for the N79 and €450 for the N85. No word yet on when these will hit the UK networks.

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