MSI Dual Screen Notebook

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Obviously CES this year shows all the goodies that are coming soon, but we cant comment on them all just the more interesting ones. One that has caught my attention in particular and hopefull will yours two is this fantastic little notebook from MSI.


With a lot of great laptops and notebooks predicted this year (like the Apple Tablet etc) one is going to need some “pulling power” to draw in the customers. This should do that job. This notebook has two 10 inch screens. The lower of the two will have a software keyboard so no more filthy keyboards. The notebook will run Windows 7 and will have a SSD as storage. MSI have also said despite the obvious power usage of two screens the book will be somewhat efficient with the juice.


However the one shown is just a concept and full details on spec and pricing are in limbo at the moment. A spokesmen from MSI has apparently said it should be ready this year so watch this space.


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