MSI 3D – All in One PC and Mega Laptop

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MSI seem to be going full steam ahead bringing out top spec PC’s and laptops recently and they don’t seem like stopping. Next month is the CeBit expo in Germany and it is expected that MSI will be showing off a few numbers but one in particular catching the eye is its All-in-One system.


Although specs are a bit vague at the moment MSI  have said "The combination of a 24” 120Hz 1080p LED panel and 3D shutter glasses brings the kind of 3D video experience into your home that you would normally only expect from a modern 3D movie theater." We are expecting the latest Intel Core i3/5/7 processors, ATi GPUs and the screen will display at 120Hz adopting the Active Shutter 3D system. This means when its firing 3D, each eye will see the image at 60Hz each, allowing a much clearer smoother 3D image. More info expected at CeBit.


We saw t’other day the mid/top-range gaming laptop MSI offered the GE600. At CeBit we’re expecting to see the GT660. Again we’ll be looking at Intel Quad-Core processing, GeForce GTX285 GPU and the possiblity of up to 12GB RAM and brand new USB 3.0 ports aplenty.


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