Moving towards the top mobile gambling experience

Moving towards the top mobile gambling experience

Believe it, the transition to mobile devices has already been happening for the last few years. Now, it’s easier to meet a person who can cope with all the daily routines without a need for a laptop or a desktop device. Keeping in mind that such a sharp increase in the priority of mobile over desktop gadgets already occurred, gambling can come to one’s mind, for certain.

Some old-school gambling enthusiasts still remember the times when the first browser Flash-based casinos were introduced. Right now, the scene of gambling is heavily dominated by mobile users, who seem to enjoy the play on the go option the most. Once you realize that you are not the only one who tracked an exceptional increase in mobile gambling, it might be an excellent idea to stay tuned with us; at least till the end of this article.

Overview of mobile gambling options

Before moving too far with deconstructing and analysing the most convincing and appealing reasons for mobile platforms to grow popularity over time, it can be enlightening to track the roots of this phenomenon.

It all started during the last few years when the technologies have developed to the point that standalone applications for gambling started appearing on App Store and Play Market domains. During this specific time frame, other online casinos provided the in-browser access to favourite gaming modes without even the need to download particular pieces of software.

Keeping in mind that modern mobile gambling has developed as the logical response to the increasing demand for flexible gaming options, it is not that strange that Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications are on the rise.

An honourable suggestion in our list relates to tablets, which offer the most pleasant gambling experience without too much hassle with smaller screens, which are common for the modern-time smartphones. Now, it seems that it’s just the right time to review the major reasons for the mobile-based market of gambling to be on a stable rise over the last few years. Stay tuned!

 Play mobile and stay flexible!

One of the most appealing points that can easily explain the popularity of mobile gambling relates to the concept of flexibility. As the demand for the play on the go options increased, online casinos for real money started introducing stable versions to their loyal players.

The mere opportunity to play literally from anywhere across the globe from a tine gadget in the pocket was something that shook the industry once and forever. As long as the online real cash casino platforms maintain a peculiar interest in maintaining and updating the app versions, the global demand for flexibility will only increase. Don’t forget about the recent additions to modern technologies, which are mostly related to the live dealer game modes and SSL encryption security regulations.

Keeping in mind that all the online casinos do their best in continually updating their mobile versions for active players, the future of devices and gambling is prominent for certain.

Mobile casino apps and functionality

All right, we all know perfectly well that the first steps of the mobile gambling were tough for both online casinos and gambling enthusiasts. Only a few games were supported, whereas a wide range of bugs, glitches, and not-working features became embarrassing.

The situation drastically changed after thousands of gamblers realize that the option to play free pokies on mobile is actually really ambitious. From that point on, the demand to play mobile casino games was continually increasing, whereas the gambling agglomerates did their best to configure the most popular titles to the screen sizes of phones.

Another feature to remember was that each specific mobile casino was somewhat unique, especially considering the fact that all the online casinos did their best to deliver unique bonus promotions for gadgets.

With all that being said, the functionality of any casino mobile version is now not worse than on a desktop version, which makes it consider mobile gameplay to be a real adventure for all the categories of players.

Look, it was entirely impossible to imagine that it could be real to win real money from a mobile casino that has the same features as a desktop one. As more usual aspects of our lives smoothly transition to the dimension of flexibility, it is not that odd that mobile gambling is now on the rise.

Real money gameplay – best gameplay

            For thousands of casual gamblers, the question of real money has always been detrimental in terms of online gambling. This category of players could potentially imagine the development of gambling games on mobile devices, whereas the development of low deposit mobile casino platforms seemed to be something unreal.

That’s why a wide range of payment options, both the deposit and withdrawal ones is something that can fascinate even the most stubborn sceptic of mobile gaming. Some of the leading gambling websites all across the globe provide a chance to cope with payments directly from a device, which is another sign of this specific mobile-focus of the entire industry.

The possibility to play for real money, deposit cash, and benefit from real money bonuses was something that has proven to all the sceptics that mobile gaming is undoubtedly a worthy niche. Much like some of the old-school gamblers have argued that gambling online could only be an unrealistic fantasy, it could be enlightening to finally realize that mobile gaming has become something everybody was so patiently waiting for.

Final remarks

From everything that we have managed to cover in our review of mobile gambling options, we don’t really believe that such a transition from desktop to mobile has been something unusual. Keeping all the aforementioned points in mind, do us a favour and try a version of any mobile casino you like unless you have already done so previously. Nonetheless, we can only wish you the best of luck in your mobile gameplay, which has definitely become a top gaming experience for thousands of casual gamblers.

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I am a UK tech blogger and have been in the industry for over 10 years now running Mighty Gadget, its sister sites and contributing to other sites around the web. I am passionate about all tech including mobile, wearable, and home automation. I am also a fitness fanatic so cover as much fitness tech as possible. Follow me on Strava

Crave PowerPack 2 50000 mAh power bank with 60W power delivery Review – An absolute unit making this a fantastic but expensive & niche powerbank

Crave PowerPack 2 50000 mAh power bank with 60W power delivery Review – An absolute unit making this a fantastic but expensive & niche powerbank

I haven’t done many powerbank reviews recently, because once you do one, all the others are the same. I can’t think of any that have been bad, so as long as it meets your specs and is well priced, you should be fine.

20,000 mAh battery packs are ubiquitous, and it is my goto size for everything other than carrying it around in my pocket. While smaller pocketable ones are superb, I am rarely in a situation where I need one because the Huawei P30 Pro has comfortably all-day battery life in most scenarios.

So when I looked at the Crave product line up, the one device that stood out was the Crave PowerPack 2 – a power delivery battery pack that has a monstrous 50000 mAh capacity, 150% more than anything I have used before. If that wasn’t enough to make it stand out as unique, this can also handle 60W power delivery.

The 60W PD is possibly the essential aspect of this charger for me. I have two laptops that use power delivery, the HP Envy X2 an ultra-portable Windows 10 on Arm device that I only use when I want to keep the weight to a minimum. Then a Dell Latitude 5285 2-in-1 which is my go-to laptop for all press trips due to its lightweight nature and moderately powerful i5-7300U CPU.

All of the 20000 mAh chargers I have can do 18W PD, and the Crave has an 18W USB-C port as well as the 60W port.

18W PD is enough to provide juice for the HP Envy X2, and it will work with most tablets like the iPad. The Dell Latitude 5285 is more power demanding and has a minimum 27W power requirement as the i5-7300U has a TDP of up to 25W. The supplied Dell USB-C charger is 45W, so when I try and charge it with a 27w to 45w charger I get a warning that it may not work at its best, any lower than 27W it just won’t charge at all

Using the Crave 60W port, I get no warnings at all, and the laptop charges as if I was using the proper 45W wall plug.

The downside to all this is the overall size of the Crave charger. It is an absolute unit and it is so big I wouldn't particularly want to be carrying it around in a bag all day, so it is not necessarily ideal for press trips when I am on my feet all day.

However, it does give you that flexibility of being able to charge anything anywhere. While I would prefer not to take it to an event, if I know I have work to do and getting a plug socket is going to be awkward, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I can also take it to hotels and use it as my primary charger without being tied down to where the plug sockets maybe. I have also taken this on a train journey with me, I wasn’t booked onto a table seat so there was no plug socket.

It is so big, I am unsure how long it takes to charge. It comes with a 45W charger, I tried to give it a quick charge before I had a long drive somewhere, but it looks like it shipped with little or no juice, and my short charge wouldn’t work. Following that, I plugged it in when I got home when I checked it the next day it was fully charged. I have not had it long enough to fully discharge the monstrous battery as it has the capacity to charge my Huawei P30 Pro 12 times over.

This is also the most expensive charger I have used, it is not available in the UK yet, but in the US it is $199.99 so around £155. The size and price of this make it a very niche product, but it will no doubt be appealing to some users. I can’t find any comparable products to this, most normal powerbanks cap out at 26,800 mAh with a few offering up to 45W PD, all of which are more affordable, but if you need this specific set of features, this is the best choice on the market I can find.

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About The Author

James Smythe

I am a UK tech blogger and have been in the industry for over 10 years now running Mighty Gadget, its sister sites and contributing to other sites around the web. I am passionate about all tech including mobile, wearable, and home automation. I am also a fitness fanatic so cover as much fitness tech as possible. Follow me on Strava

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