In the modern world, the opportunities for entrainment have grown to amazing extents. Now, you can do almost whatever you want and you’ll be getting a chance to realize your idea. Exploring one of the most unique scenarios and literally placing yourself in the place of some action or horror movie character is something you can achieve by visiting one of the escape rooms.

Escape rooms have rapidly become popular all over the world but London undoubtedly offers some of the most exciting ones. You can review available options of best escape rooms here, knowing that you will have a fantastic and unforgettable time. Whatever genre or scenario you’ve picked, there will be riddles and traps waiting for you.

To make your experience more breathtaking, we suggest watching some of the thematic movies where the events revolve around characters in mazes or in literal escape rooms. This way, you can immerse yourself into the right atmosphere even before your journey begins. The only exception is that unlike characters, you will be completely safe!

Escape Room (2019)

This movie is the newest and fits best for those who are planning to visit an actual escape room itself. The plot revolves around characters who all meet to start their quest in an escape room that’s rumored to be the best, but very quickly, they realize that all traps are real. There are five major rooms and two smaller ones, and the farther the characters go, the deadlier things become. Here are the things you might find most interesting in it.

·         If you have never been in real escape rooms before, you will find the process of looking for tips pretty educational. The movies emphasize how important it is to pay attention to the smallest details and remember the things you’ve already found to formulate one wholesome picture. Though again, you can ask for actual help if needed unlike the characters, who were left on their own based on the plot.

·         Work as a team. In the movie, solving some tasks becomes possible only because characters cooperate with each other. If you’re with your friends, do the same.

·         There are several rooms, not just one, that you have to go through before you approach the main goal.

Cube (1997)

 This is an old movie so chances are, you haven’t watched it. Here, the characters are thrown into an endlessly long maze full of tricks and traps. Failure to solve them leads to a deadly disaster. As a future guest of a real escape room, you will find creative and refreshing ways of solutions characters come up with interesting and educational. Once again, the movie shows how exciting solving of riddles can be and how many rooms with unexpected surprises you might stumble across until you reach a sweet victory.

If you are going to visit an escape room, make sure you do it in the right mood! Watch one or both movies if you haven’t already. Enjoy yourself, look for clues, and remember that you’re safe at all times!