Motorola Olympus

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Androidandme the blog for all things Android based has revealed some exciting news on a future Motorola device, the Olympus. With Motorola seeming to be behind the big mobile makers in terms of great phones, after it’s comeback with the Milestone, what’s next for Motorola.


Firstly the Motorola Olympus has had some spec leakage. The Olympus will be powered by non-other than Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset. Yes a dual-core processor more than capable of handling anything throne from it by any current mobile phone and certainly a lot more powerful than the current range of Snapdragon processors favoured by current mobile makers. All the leaks have come by way of photographs labelled “Olympus in pre-production” that lists as well as the Tegra 2 chipset is that the Operating System will be Android 2.2.1


The rumours are it’s going to be available sometime next year but until the full official announcement (probably at CES) is made we can only hope it’s sooner rather than later.


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