Motorola HS1001 : Android Home Phone

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I’ve currently got the LG GW620 to review for the next couple of weeks(watch this space for the review) and it’s the first time I’ve proper got to grips with an Android phone. I LOVE ANDROID. So after getting the info on this Motorola home phone with Android, i had to have a nosy.


Although the landline phone probably doesn’t get used as much as it used to(mine never gets used) anybody buying this phone will surely use it. This is a Binatone made phone stamped with Motorola to give it more recognition, uses DECT 6.0(standard cordless phone connection) and uses Wi-Fi for the software. Unfortunately one of the main reasons i love Android is the third party apps MArket which sadly isn’t available on this phone, but it’s still great for web browsing and emailing.


Now being a “home” phone, most people have a computer at home or a mobile capable of what this can do so really it will only attract those with a lust for gadgetry and what a landline phone better than your neighbours, or those with old mobiles and ancient computers who want basic net capabilities etc.


No pricing yet but its due out in the latter part of Summer


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