Motorola Flipout : Twisty Phone, Not For Squares …….

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Sorry bad joke, but when i first read about Motorola’s new novelty Android mobile, I couldn’t help but say “OHHHHHH FLIPOUT!”(a la classic Surfaris song) Anyway enough of me being a twit, the phone. Now with most phones packing the goods in terms of functionality another way to attract interest is the look, and Motorola have a funky one here with the Flipout, originally pencilled in as the “Twist”


The square body as suggested in the picture twists out to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard underneath a 2.8” screen. Now we don’t have the full specs of the phone but we are led to believe it will be powered by Android 2.1 and the image suggests it will have the MotoBlur social networking UI over it. We are also told it will have a 3.1MP camera and GPS.


With the success of Android phones this novelty phone could hit a niche market and do well providing the build quality is good and the price is reasonable. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date or price details.


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