Motorola Droid(Milestone) X : US release 15th July

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The Motorola Droid or Milestone as us Brits know it by had quite a good success in this country, but was even more successful in the States. Well the US phone company has now announced the first Milestone family follow up will be due July 15th in the US, in time to rival the now released iPhone 4. One of the main successes for the Milestone/Droid was its Android OS and its slide out keyboard which although wasn’t the most comfortable it worked pretty well. The rumour mill has ground out quite a few chunks of information or photos of dropped protoypes in gym’s etc well now we have an official update for sure.


The Droid/Milestone X doesn’t appear to have the keyboard last time opting for a total touchscreen experience. A 4.3” FWVGA 854×480 screen certainly makes the phone look large, like the Xperia X10 but the body itself is still pretty slim. Powered by a 1GHz processor running the brilliant Android 2.1 upgradeable to 2.2 Froyo later this summer for Flash support) with an all new MotoBlur running over the top. It will also have an 8MP camera with 720p video capture and further media support with an apparent DLNA app and HDMI out.


Unfortunately the release is US only for now but keep an eye out for a UK release.


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