Motorola Backflip heading our way

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“Given the exceptional response to DEXT and Milestone to date, we look forward to adding Backflip to our smartphone range in EMEA…We will be making further announcements on availability and pricing of Backflip in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia beginning in Q1 2010,”


The above is a quote from Motorola about the Backflip phone it showed at CES heading our way to European shores in the next few months. The phone itself isn’t much different from Motorola’s other smartphone the DEXT(Wi–Fi, HSDPA, 3MP Camera, MotoBlur UI) The Backflip again is powered by Android and shows it on a 3.1” screen. However what sets this apart is that the QWERTY keyboard flips out a bit like the N97’s(which was the best part of the Nokia).


Just the rough date of Q1 and no pricing details expect it soon and I can’t really see it being too expensive in comparision to the other better equipped “droid” phones but a reasonable looker none the less.


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