Do you know how much your mobile is actually worth?

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When people buy new phones they often decide to sell their old ones. It is simple and easy to do this plus it gives you a little extra cash, trading your phone into pawnbrokers such as Albemarle Bond is a great way to find out how much a mobile phone is actually worth while giving your wallet a nice surprise. However, what many people don’t know is that the heavy metals found inside mobiles can contaminate soil and water when they are dropped off at landfills. These harmful metals can cause not only environmental problems but it can also cause health problems in animals and humans.

Cadmium is found in the circuit boards of mobiles, in the charger and in some batteries. It can cause damage to the kidneys, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and even the hormonal systems. This is a very dangerous metal so it is probably best to avoid leaving them in the dumpster and instead, pawn them into Albemarle where they will refrain from causing anyone any harm. Lead and nickel are also found in mobiles, particularly in the batteries of the phones. Lead can cause cancer and even cause behavioural problems in people. Many people are sensitive to nickel and can take an allergic reaction to the metal. 65-80% of material found in mobile phones can be recycled and reused so it is worth keeping this in mind. The price of the metals found in mobile phones are usually quite low however some of the more useful metals can go for a good price.

When trading in a phone many people are worried that they will be ripped off but this isn’t entirely true and is dependent on where you go to trade your phone. Make sure you take it somewhere where you can trust the staff members and ensure that you are given a fair price for trading in your old phone. There has been a rise in mobile phone trade in websites because it is so easy to just post your phone and in exchange get some extra cash. You can even find out how much your phone is worth before trading it which is a good idea so that you can choose which site is right for you and give yourself an idea of how much your mobile phone is worth before trading it.

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