Mobile World Congress : Samsung Wave S8500

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With Mobile World Congress happening right now in Barcelona, expect a plethora of new mobile phone tech to bombard us over the coming week.


Firstly we have Samsung’s Wave S8500. Basically this is the updated version of its popular Jet phone that debuted last year. What makes this better you ask? Well it’s Samsungs first phone to have its brand spanking new Super AMOLED display. The original AMOLED screen was great, sharp details and deep colours, but was difficult to see in sunlight. Now that’s been dealt with what you’re getting is a 3.3” WVGA screen that works superbly.


Next its also the first Samsung phone announced that will use its brand new “Bada” operating system. This works alongside TouchWiz 3.0 to provide efficient touchscreen use and widgets with a high end smartphone UI. One thing that looks great is the “Social Hub”. This is a collective inbox that puts all your messages, whether they be from IM, text or email all into one inbox.


Loos wise its a lot like a thinner version of the Jet. Specs wise it’ll pack a 1GHz processor, 3G, Wi-Fi HSDPA and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, a 5MP camera capable of 720p HD video recording. It’ll also have GPS and have support for MP4, WMV, DivX and H.263 and H.264.


No prices yet but we’re looking at a release time of April.


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