Mobile World Congress : Samsung Beam I8520

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Obviously Samsung are straight out the blocks with the future of their phones in Barcelona. After the Wave S8500 comes the I8520 “Beam” phone.


Again we’ll see the new Super AMOLED this time at 3.7” of super sharp colourful greatness. However what differs this from the Wave is the “I” part of the model number. This means it’s OS will be Android. Packing a 5MP camera which shoots 720p video, 3G a-GPS and N-Standard WiFi.


What really makes this phone special though is sat right at the top of the phone……… A pico-projector! This allows you to show your videos and photos onto a white wall.It might well attract a business clientele is the ability to open MS Powerpoint documents and project them onto a wall, helping out in those board meetings and conferences. Now it won’t project HD video but you can hook it up to your HD telly and watch your captured movies.


Price and date are still TBC………


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