Mobile phones have become such indispensable gadgets that almost everybody has one, or sometimes even two! However as indispensable as they are, your mobile phone is not joined to your hip and there are times that you should refrain from using it, or at least be aware of how you use it. Although it is normal for a person to have a mobile phone, its usage must be given proper attention so that people around you will not get annoyed or irritated.

Here is a list of proper mobile phone etiquette that should be followed as often as possible:


When it comes to mobile phone usage, the issue of safety is more of a common sense decision rather than an etiquette one. Anyone who uses a mobile phone should realise that they can be a distraction and may cause harm if they divert your focus from the current task at hand. For example, using a mobile phone while driving will lessen the degree of focus the driver has on the road. Therefore when driving, a person must refrain from using his or her handheld device. If using a mobile phone while driving is unavoidable, the person must use the hands free feature or a blue tooth earphone and still try to limit the duration of the call. Although multi-tasking is considered a trait of an efficient person, there are times when this can be hazardous. Do not use your mobile phone when undertaking tasks that require your full attention.


Today’s mobile phones have powerful and sensitive microphones which are capable of picking up even the softest voice. When using your mobile phone, try to speak in a hushed voice. People around you do not need to hear what you have to say to the person at the other end of the line. Likewise, putting your mobile phone on speaker mode when you are in a public place is also frowned upon. Speaking loudly on a mobile phone for everyone to hear can be considered boorish.

Another thing to consider is your ringtone. Make sure that you choose ring tones that are not obnoxious and loud. Remember, the choice of ringtone for your mobile phone will give a reflection of the type of personality that you have. If you feel embarrassed when people hear your ringtone then you probably chose the wrong one in the first place.


Almost everyone is sensitive when it comes to their personal space. Therefore, when you plan to make or receive a call, try to ensure that you are about 10 to 20 feet away from the closest person. If you are in a queue and receive a call, you should have the courtesy to step away from the line to have the conversation or ask your caller to call you back after a short while.


There are times when conversations over mobile phones will involve private and confidential information. If you are in a public place, make sure you think carefully about your conversations. People around you do not need to know what ailment your aunt is having or what your business partners say about a stock option you plan on investing in. If you are in a crowded location, you can program your mobile phone to receive messages directly to your voicemail. For help in setting up voicemails, you can contact your mobile phone retailer and ask its sales staff for help. It’s also a great opportunity to find out about new deals that may be up for grabs like the double Nectar points on offer at Sainsbury’s Phone shop, for example.


Proper mobile phone etiquette dictates that before using a mobile phone, you should be aware that others might overhear your conversation. With this in mind, you should at all times maintain a civil conversation. You do not need to air your dirty laundry nor share emotionally intense conversations in public. These discussions must be reserved for when you are in a private place.


There are times when following proper etiquette requires you to turn off or put your mobile phone on silent mode. These times include attending a wedding or a special event, having dinner with a date, joining a meeting and other similar events. When people ask you at the beginning of a meeting to turn your mobile phone off, they do so with good intentions. Therefore it is best to indulge them and wait for the meeting to end before turning your phone on again.

Although there are still many dos and don’ts regarding mobile phone use, the above list will at least prevent you from breaking the basic etiquette guidelines.




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