Mobile Malware: Why You Should Take it Seriously

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If you are a Windows user you will be all too aware of the issues with Malware. This problem is growing exponentially for other devices too especially the mobile market. The issue with Malware covers all operating systems and recently this issue was highlighted with a major issue with iOS malware spread through a compromised copy of the developer tool Xcode. The XcodeGhost Malware infected dozens of apps including some popular apps such as WeChat, Heroes of Order & Chaos and a localized version of Angry Birds 2.

Dell have recently released an infographic about Mobile malware which highlights some of the issues faced and what you can do to try and prevent infection.

Dell are particularly interested in combating mobile malware due to the growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the workplace. According to Dell 69% of business-use smart phones are employee-owned, which as you might image could cause serious security concerns if users mobiles devices were infected.

Some of the risks associated with mobile malware include granting full access to your phone allowing hackers to monitor your actions, sending out private information, and causing unauthorised charges on your device.

Please check out the mobile malware infographic from Dell below and if your company has a BYOD policy then you can find out more about Dells mobility service on the Dell BYOB page.

Mobile malware

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