Mobile gaming in the modern age: how has it changed?

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Playing video games has always been a popular pastime for many, but this has been especially true in more recent times. Big franchises such as FIFA and Call of Duty have attracted millions more people into gaming and made it possible for those who might not otherwise have been interested to enjoy it. Gaming has certainly come a long way since the 1980s! The global gaming sector was estimated to be worth around $140bn in 2018, which is a staggering amount.

Within that, one niche has grown rapidly in recent years: mobile gaming. This was thought to account for around $63bn of the total global revenue that gaming saw last year. Much of the current popularity is down to how it has used technology to evolve over time. This now sees mobile gaming offer much more to consumers and attract many more to use it. Just how has the mobile gaming sector evolved over time?

Improvements in games and sites

In the past, mobile gaming was a sorry affair mainly. Early portable games systems such as Nintendo’s Game Boy were limited to say the least, while early games on mobile phones were pretty basic. Simple factory-installed games such as Snake in early mobile phones are a great example of this. The new generation of mobile games has blown these earlier games out of the water though.

The games you can play on the move now are much more sophisticated in terms of their design and also their nature. Much of this is down to modern mobile gaming using the internet to function and having a more adult feel. This may see you choose to play slots online now as a way to earn extra money or have some fun when out. Of course, tech has played a big part in helping to make the sites through which you can access mobile games much quicker and easier to use, with many more titles on there to enjoy.

Bigger screens

Another great evolution driven by technology in mobile gaming is simply the screens in mobile phones. Early phones did not have touchscreen, for example, and this meant that you had to use fiddly button controls to play the games. Modern smartphones have smooth and responsive touchscreen tech installed to make games much more enjoyable to play on the move. When you factor in that smartphones now also tend to have bigger screens to make them easier to play, it is clear how much has changed in this area.

Better digital connectivity

A real boost to mobile gaming over the years has been the advances in internet technology and digital connectivity. Modern digital connections and Wi-Fi networks make it easy to play internet-based games on the move. This means that you are not limited to only having games to play that are installed on your phone directly or do not need the internet to work. This increased connectivity also allows you to play online in more locations due to internet coverage getting better all the time.

Faster processing speeds

Compared to the early portable games systems or mobile phones, modern smartphones are very complex and technologically advanced pieces of kit. They are like a very powerful computer but shrunk down in size! This increased power that modern smartphones boast sees them able to handle more complex games and deliver faster internet speeds. The end result is the ability for players to enjoy increasingly sophisticated games at blazing-fast speeds.

Better sound and graphics

Modern online gaming has one big advantage over previous incarnations – it just looks and sounds better. The games that you can enjoy now when on the move, from online casino games to battle royale-style titles, are more detailed in terms of the characters in them and the sharpness of the images on screen. When you also add in much clearer sound due to the latest sound chips in mobile phones, you have a much more immersive experience on offer.

Mobile gaming is set to grow further

With projections for global annual revenue set at increasingly higher levels into the future, it seems that mobile gaming is set to continue its amazing rise. This should not be a surprise as it is so convenient and central to our lives now. Whether you game on the bus into work or the train home, it is a fun way to keep entertained.

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