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Smartphones have taken over our lives. That’s not an exaggerated statement but a fact. Statista claims that there are over 3.8 billion smartphone users and that mobile traffic accounts for more than 50% of all data transferred over the internet. Thus, with so many people staring at mobile screens, it’s reasonable to assume that companies would seek to develop apps that can bring monetary benefits for both them and their users.

Who doesn’t want to earn money by playing games? Only an insignificant portion of the population, as blending entertainment and profit seems like a proposition that’s too good to pass up.

Today, dozens of apps can put a few extra pounds in your pocket via side hustles, such as taking surveys, shopping online, posting affiliate links, and even playing games. Know that none of these will make you rich and that they will likely pay in the form of gift cards, online vouchers, or through PayPal transfers that are hardly enough for gas. If big wins are what you are after, then mobile casino games are worth considering. However, playing at iGaming platforms is gambling, as it involves laying down bets on uncertain events, with no skill involved. It’s all random. So, if you do not fancy yourself lucky, stick to the games apps that pay real money listed below.


Now, everyone has likely heard of Swagbucks. It is a website based out of El Segundo, California, that lets you earn points called SBs via several activities. You can later convert your SBs into gift cards or cash. Launched in 2008, Swagbucks is a subsidiary of the digital marketing company Prodege LLC, and as of 2020, it claims to have paid out over $400 million to its users.

Swagbucks is no doubt legitimate. You can find a few online reviews claiming that it is a scam, but these claims stem from people not carefully reading the service’s terms and due to low payouts.

While everyone associates Swagbucks with surveys, you can earn money via a myriad of ways using this app. It pays you for downloading games on your phone. Sometimes all you have to do is press the install button. Other times, you’ll have to reach a specific stage within the game to receive your payout. The service also hosts its games, which you can identify by looking for the ones that have the word – Swag in them. There’s also a live multiple-choice quiz that can have a prize pool of up to $1,000. Though, some of the questions here can get obscenely difficult. It requires a great deal of knowledge to make it to the end and is not for everyone.


According to veteran internet users, Rewardia is one of the best Get Paid To (GPT) websites to hit the world wide web. Like Swagbucks, it offers rewards via points for participating in different activities, including playing games for real money. If you enjoy brain-teasers such as solitaire, Sudoku, and word searches, then this may be the platform for you.

New users get a 100-points bonus for registering, and you need a minimum balance of $5 in your Rewardia account to make a withdrawal. You can transfer funds over to your bank account or get them in the gift card of choice. The service has a pretty decent referral system that lets you earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings for life.

Once you create your account at or via the dedicated app, you can quickly browse through the games available. Each one will have specific conditions for their listed payout in points. For example, Match 3 Crystals is a simple game that requires you to match gems of the same shape and color in series of three or more before you can remove them from the game grid. If you complete all thirty levels, you get 99 points. Note that the units provided by each of these games is low, and it will take a ton of patience to earn a substantial withdrawal. You’ll need to get a minimum of 5,000 points for a £5 cash-out.


Mistplay went live in 2017, and it’s a loyalty scheme for iOS and Android mobile gamers. You pick a game from a provided list, and you get prizes for completing tasks such as installing, testing, and enjoying the title itself. The rewards come in the form of units, which you can exchange for gift cards. Note that the minimum playing time may vary per game, and it can be as low as two minutes and as high as ten. Once you complete the task at hand, the app will inform you of your feet and transfer the appropriate amount of units into your account.

Mistplay serves as a testing platform for developers. When users fire up any one of the listed apps, their feedback helps the development team spot problems with the game code. Therefore, the latter can fix existing issues and improve the overall gaming experience.

The benefits here are that anyone over 13-years-old can use this app, it has no ads, and it requires no financial information. That said, if you use it, you’ll be likely making less than a pound per hour. Plus, it gets harder to earn units as you level up, and some of the gaming options available can be quite dull. The max you can profit via Mistplay is around £50 per month.

Coin Pop

Released in 2018, Coin Pop boasts that it will reward you for playing games en route to financial success. It is a free-to-use app that lets you earn funds in the form of Amazon, BestBuy, Starbucks, and other gift cards, as well as money transfers through PayPal. It has a minimum payment threshold of £0.50, requires permission to read your phone’s contact information, and will eat up a ton of your memory.

Coin Pop works by providing you with a list of titles. You pick one that catches your eye, download it, and begin playing it. The app works in the background, and the more you play, the more it will reward you via its app currency – coins. You get 4,444 coins upon sign-up. The referral system here will get you 250 coins for every friend you help sign-up with the platform.

You should get around 900 coins for every five minutes of play, and you’ll need 10,000 to earn £1. As expected, the road to riches is long. Payouts should happen within 24 hours of a request, but the app’s terms state that it doesn’t guarantee that you will receive your winnings.


Like the other platforms listed above, InboxDollars won’t provide wealth. The best you can expect to earn is about £1.5 to £3 per hour by watching videos, filling out surveys, or playing virtual arcade machines. You can also collect free money by shopping. Thanks to ScanSense technology, you can scan the barcodes of popular products and earn around £0.5 for every successful scan. However, you’ll have to allow the app access to your location data to become eligible for this feature.

When you create an account, you should get a bonus of £5. Here, you can redeem your earnings for cash, so you do not have to bother with physical prizes or gift cards. If you are active, you can quickly accumulate earnings here. InboxDollars is a Minnesota-based marketing company that launched operations in 2006, and so far, they’ve paid out over £60 million to its users, so payments are not in question.

If you sign up at social casino GSN through InboxDollars, you can earn an 18% cash-back for every dollar spent on that platform. GSN has a wide selection of cash tournaments, and it features poker and casino-like games. Furthermore, InboxDollars has its library of arcade-like titles and games like chess, Sudoku, and mahjong. You get money for downloading, installing, and playing any of these. The process is similar to what we previously explained.

To Sum Up

When searching for mobile software that provides money-earning opportunities, you have to be very wary, as there are plenty of scams out there. One way to spot an illegitimate platform is if it asks you to deposit any sum upon sign-up. The software should be paying you, not the other way around.

Those featured in this article are tried-and-tested options. That said, they have low earning potential and will ask to gain access to your phone data, which you may not want to give out. So, always read reviews and the service’s terms and conditions before downloading any software onto your smartphone. Weigh the pros and cons of all the listed applications before rendering your verdict. Consider if there is an adequate balance between time-spent and profit and if it is wiser to put your skillset to work elsewhere? Can you genuinely profit via Android and iPhone games to earn real money on your mobile phone? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

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