Fraud and dishonesty are the first things that undermine confidence in online dating. A suspicion creeps into many people’s mind and freezes their fingers intending to tap on the “download” button. This slight movement is disrupted, and a chance to find love on a dating site is not taken.

Researches got interested in how many lies are spun in the virtual matchmaking world and whether the devil is as black as he is painted. In particularly, they focused on self-presentation and how accurate information users provide about themselves in their profiles. They found out that people created the gap between their online self and the embodied self. That is very common on online dating sites since people tend to impress a potential partner as much as possible. To achieve this, they photoshop pictures, fluff up their advantages and exaggerate incomes.  Nevertheless, the researchers assert that while misrepresentation is a commonplace in the online dating world, people deceive slightly and harmlessly in most cases. For example, men want to appear higher, and women want to appear slender according to the survey.

To avoid such sneakiness and deception, it's highly recommended that you try video chat sites, such as, Omegle where you can actually see the person behind the screen.

This piece of information proves the inherent weakness of human nature, and at the same time people’s belief in the triumph of love despite any obstacles. And if in 2000 just 100,000 UK adult inhabitants used online matchmaking services, in 2016 this number has reached about 7.8 million. People still hope to find the right person and the right facilitator bringing them to the virtual place where they can find what they seek for. That may be attempts to have fun, find new friends and like-minded people, get a romantic experience and maintain long-term relationships promising marriage in future.

The online dating industry is on the up and is happy to suggest all those options to users as well as numerous market participants, among which Cupid occupies a special place. Being one of the trailblazers of online dating, it still holds the leading position. More than 8 million people have chosen Cupid and are not going to leave it.

Surely, Cupid like any other online dating service cannot guarantee that all its users present themselves in their profiles in a flawlessly honest way. Though, Cupid cares of safety and reliability of its users. When signing up, the website will ask a person for some information, including your e-mail. It is needed to verify one’s validity. This approach resulted in over 200 successful stories of love every year. Besides, Cupid does not stop there and keep on improving its app to make it function easier, to deliver more esthetic pleasure, to bring more fun and help people find what they look for faster. It functions to persuade people who think that it is impossible to find your perfect jigsaw puzzle nowadays, that love really exists, and maybe lives next to your place. All you need is just to give a slight chance to the universe, download Cupid app and use it location-based search for single hearts who like you lost belief in love, or think that only scammers use online dating services.