Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: A Parker Fountain Pen

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Fountain Pens are not something we typically associate with Gadgets, but they are something we are quite fond off, writing with a nice fountain pen is a completely different experience to using a cheap disposable pen, writing with them is so much smoother and a generally a more pleasing experience. They are also often beautifully designed objects making perfect Christmas or Birthday gifts.

Parker have recently released 2 new ranges including the New Parker Sonnet Collection and the Parker Premier Luxury.

The Sonnet Range is is one of the more affordable ranges, but don't let this fool you, the pens are beautiful, and will last you a lifetime. These pens typically follow more classic designs and come in rollerball and ballpoint varieties if you are not as keen on fountain pens as we are.  Recommended retail prices start from £71 and go up to £265.

The new Premier line is one of the upper end ranges and features gorgeous designs using precious metals and a solid gold nibs. This line follows more contemporary designs and we are particularly fond of the monochrome all black edition. This range starts are £230 and goes up to £335.

The cost of these pens may seem a lot compared to buying disposable pieces, but you are buying something with amazing craftsmanship and beauty that, if looked after, will long outlast any gadget you may want, and make great gifts to pass down from generation to generation.


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