Mini-Review: Jelly Comb Fast Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Hub/Charging Station

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The 2nd of my Jelly Comb products I am reviewing is the Fast Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Hub/Charging Station with Smart Identification Technology which is available on Amazon for just £12.99.

The Tower Charger puts out 30 Watts and 6 Amps total. The ports safely & dynamically alter charge output for the most efficient charging times. However, it is not Quick Charge compatible, so some phones will not register it as fast charging.

It is designed a little differently than most USB chargers, it is a cylinder shape that stands up with a rubber base that should hold it in place. While it looks nice, it just doesn’t stand up, the power cable knocks it over all the time. It doesn’t bother me too much as it is hidden away behind my monitor but it is a bit of a flawed design.

As far as charging goes it works as expected, there are plenty of ports to charge all your gadgets, and the size of it makes it quite portable.

It is priced around the same as other 5+ port charging stations so based on that it is a decent buy.


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