Mini Review: Inateck AL2011W 2-Port USB & Lightning Cable Car Charger Review

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We recently received 2 USB chargers from Inateck, including a 5 port desktop charger with 2 super charge ports, and this car charger with 2 USB ports and a built in Lightning Cable.

At £22 it is quite expensive for your average car charger, but if you factor in the £8+ cost of a lightening cable you would normally need then it starts to become quite affordable.

The 2 USB ports both have 2.1amp outputs and the lightening cable has a 2.4amp output.

The product itself is a extremely well made and solid. It looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is. The white plastic feels very sturdy and the metal at the bottom gives it a very stylish and solid look.

During use it worked just as you would expect. I managed to charge 2 devices at reasonable speeds during the week I used it. The charger fitted nicely in the socket so I did not a connection while driving around, which seems to happen a lot with car charges.

Overall, it is quite expensive for what it is, but it is well made and if like me you always forget to bring a lightening cable with you then it is extremely convenient always having one in the car.


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