Mini Review: Inateck 5-Port 35W USB Desktop Charger

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Following on from our review of the Inateck dual port car charger, we have also been using the Inateck 5-Port 35W USB desktop charger which is available from Amazon for £15.99.

The main appeal to me for this charger is the inclusion of 2 “super charge” ports which run at 5V/2.1A vs the 3 3x 5V/1A

The unit itself is strictly a charger, so there is no USB port to act as a hub. It is very light for its size which can be annoying sometimes as a quick knock of the cable has sent it off my table a couple of times. Not a major issue though.

At first I had some issues with slow charging, but once I swapped the cable to the one Inateck supplied charging was quick on all the normal and super charge ports. To be honest I struggled to tell if there was a big difference between all the ports.

It should also be worth noting that “Super Charge” is not the same as the new Quick Charge standard. My SGS6 charger still charges my phone far faster than any other normal charger. However this charger does perform well and works pretty much as expected.

It is also competitively priced at £15.99 so you won't be disappointed if you buy it.

You can buy it form Amazon today for £15.99

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