Mini-Review: Box SurgeSmart Surge Protected Power Strip

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Following on from my review of the Box Portable Tablet Charger 6000mAh I have the SurgeSmart power strip.

The SurgeSmart is a 3 socket extension lead that also comes with 4 USB ports and a protection value of £25,000

In a similar fashion to the charger, the SurgeSmart is very design focused, it is an all-aluminium construction with the 3 sockets on the long flat part, and then the 4 USB sockets at the end. Design wise, it is probably the nicest looking power strip I have used.

Functionality wise, it does exactly what you want it to do. Provides power to your devices.

It is a really nice device, and I now use it as the extension that sits next to my couch, as it is both attractive and means I can charge my phone direct from the strip rather than having more ugly plugs showing.

It is priced at £34.99 via their own website If you are not bothered about the look or £25k insurance, then there are a lot cheaper products on Amazon, which is probably what I would go for if it lived hidden away. If you have a power strip out in the open then this is well worth considering.

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