Mini-Review: Box Portable Tablet Charger 6000mAh

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Another relatively new brand to us, Box are an accessory company selling products such as portable charges, and power-strips. From my initial impression, they offer something a little different than all the other brands out there, and that is a heavy focus on design.

The first of my 3 reviews is the Box Portable Tablet Charger 6000mAh which is priced at £29.00 on Amazon making it quite a bit more expensive than competing products on Amazon.

The device itself is more flat and rectangle shaped rather than boxy that you see with some designs. It is shorter than the Nexus 6p, and just about as wide as it. It is probably 25% thicker. So overall it is very pocket-friendly as far as these things go.

The edges of the device taper off into oval shape and the whole device itself is coated in a sort of felt material. Design wise, it is certainly the prettiest charger I have ever used.

There is 2 outputs like normal on most charges now and in terms of functionality, it is exactly the same as every other charger on the market. It gets the job done.

Overall it is a lovely device and it is the perfect size for a day out where you don’t have a bag to dump a large battery pack into. However, you need to consider the price when buying this, it is more than double than the competing products from RAVPower and others on Amazon.

If money isn’t too much of a concern though and you want something that looks nice, then this is a great option.

You can buy it today from Amazon for £29.00

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