Millennials Drive Popularity Forward as List of Apple Pay Countries Continues to Grow

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Three simple words are best used to describe everything Apple stands for – Safety, Security, Simplicity.

Whether we are discussing design or their constant innovations, Apple have these three words embedded into each and every element of their groundbreaking creations. One of their proud jewels that best sums up everything Apple stands and fight for with the ‘3S’ premise above is definitely Apple Pay.

What is Apple Pay?

It’s a wireless payment concept similar to those widely used and applied across the globe with credit and debit cards that work with a chip and PIN or magnetic stripe. Similar but better.

Apple Pay is an upgrade to existing contactless payment services with a particular highlight on – safety and security – which are all achieved through a two-factor authentication via Touch ID, PIN/Passcode or a Face ID with the most recent upgrade to the iOS implemented in iPhones 8 and X.

In addition to being completely safe and secure, Apple Pay is simple as well, knowing it’s available to use with all Apple devices you use every day. From sending and receiving money straight from Messages – or by asking Siri – Apple Pay requires no app but uses all the cards you already have lined up in your Wallet.

Where You Can Use Apple Pay

From gas pumps, ATMs, grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants and hotels to all kinds of apps and websites accessed through Safari on your Mac, iPhone and iPad, Apple Pay is a great option to use for both in-person and online purchases.

The list of stores accepting Apple Pay is growing daily, just as the list of banks and credit unions within the US that support this kind of payment.

Apple Pay works with nearly all major banks you can find in the United States but there is still a good number of regional offices and credit unions the Apple users are waiting on to implement Apple Pay. In the most recent update, however, Apple Pay was introduced by over 20 new units across the US.

As an increasingly popular payment method, Apple Pay is slowly being introduced to all elements of social life, including entertainment and even gaming. Still some distance away from becoming the mainstream banking option, Apple Pay can be found at selected online gambling establishments which site has listed on this link here.

The number of online casinos accepting Apple Pay should go through a rapid rise in near future, especially with Apple announcing that this digital wallet facility will soon be acceptable in several new countries around the world.

Current Restrictions

Apart from the United States and Canada in North America, Apple Pay is currently available in a number of countries around the globe.

United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, France and Russia lead the line in Europe together with other 12 countries, whereas United Arab Emirates are the only country in the Middle east where you can use Apple pay.

As for the Asia-Pacific region, you can use Apple Pay in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

With Ireland and Spain as the 2018 additions to the list of Apple Pay accepted countries, users in Brazil have also reported seeing the peer-to-peer payment service appear in their iOS Message app which is enough to suggest that South America will soon have its proud Apple Pay representative as well.

Growing Popularity

In an endless competition with its Android counterparts, Apple Pay seems to be winning the digital wallet race for the time being.

The recent survey performed by Dealspotr reveals that the new generation of the Generation Z and Millennials – people from 18 to 35 years of age – are using Apple pay the most when it comes to online purchases. The number stands at respectable 15% which is likely driven forward by use of Apple Pay within iOS apps.

The overall numbers of people within the same demographics which had used Apple Pay to make purchases in retail stores is standing at 10%, which is way ahead of Google Pay’s 2% and Samsung Pay’s 2%.

A survey was conducted with a tangible sample of 1,000 young adults Americans and it showed disparity between peer-to-peer payments with Millennials where Apple Pay (3%) was left trailing behind Paypal (25%) and Venmo (23%) as the market leaders.

Despite the low numbers when it comes to Apple Pay peer-to-peer usage, 8% of Millennials and 12% of Generation Z respondents claimed they would prefer to use Apple Pay as a way to send money to friends and family which is more than enough to suggest an expected change in perception and future trend that is likely to go in Apple Pay’s favour.

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  1. I am really glad to hear that Apple Pay is gaining in popularity! Where I am, I will have to admit that we are pretty backward when it comes to such technology and I just hope that it will soon be possible to benefit from this Apple innovation. Great post here, it was a good read!


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