Microsoft Kin : Project “Pink” incoming

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We spoke a month or so ago and got a little bit excited about the prospect of a Microsoft Zune phone which I was hoping was going to be a true iPhone beater sporting the new Windows Mobile 7. Originally the rumours were flying about that the phone development was called project “Pink”. Well Microsoft has now announced that Project “Pink” will now be coming this Autumn to Vodafone but has been renamed as Kin but it doesn’t appear that the all singing all dancing Windows 7 Zune Phone is the Kin. Maybe it’s the start of things to come.


Both the Kin 1 and Kin 2 are touchscreen phones with slide out QWERTY keyboards. The main emphasis on these phones is social networking and although the phones aren’t sporting Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile 7 or even 6.5 Microsoft has developed another OS that the KIN can call its own, designed to complement it's social networking abilities.


Full specs are a little thin but what we do know is the Kin 1 is the smaller of the two and has a 5MP camera whilst the Kin 2 is slightly bigger but has a better 8MP camera, larger storage capacity and the ability to take videos at HD quality. Both will also pack the Zune HD software, which is great and certainly more than capable of challenging the iPhone’s music abilities.


The software features of both phones sound clever to it can collate all your favourite people’s statuses, messages and pictures all into one place called the Kin Loop. Also if you want to share yours, there’s the Kin Spot. Drag photos, messages and your status updates into it and then choose who you want to distribute them to. Then there’s the Kin Studio. Anything and everything you create on the phone can be sent to the cloud. This can then be accessed in any web browser and shared again to whoever you like.

Kin 1 and 2

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