Microsoft gives up on Windows 10 Mobile

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It probably comes as no surprise but Microsoft has finally given up on its mobile OS. While Windows mobile was actually a good OS it never gained traction, coming out far too late and not getting the backing of App developers.

If the earlier versions of Windows Phone were more like Windows 10 Mobile then they may have had a chance. This new version of the OS aims to provide greater consistency with PCs, including more extensive synchronization of content, a new universal application platform that allows one app to run on multiple Windows 10 devices such as PCs, mobile devices and Xbox, as well as the capability, on supported hardware, to connect devices to an external display and use a “PC-like” interface with mouse and keyboard input support.

On paper it is a power users dream, being able to switch between devices seamlessly. But it is unfortunately far too late to succeed and on October 8, 2017, Joe Belfiore announced that work on Windows 10 Mobile was drawing to a close due to lack of market penetration and resultant lack of interest from app developers.

The OS accounted for just 0.03% of the global market – based on smartphone shipments – between April and June, according to research company IDC.

This year it seems only 3 devices have announced with Windows 10, with only Wileyfox being the recognisable brand, however, their Wileyfox Pro doesn’t actually appear to be launched.

Back in September, it was announced that even Bill Gates had ditched his Windows device in favour of Android.

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