Technology, especially the internet has changed the way that retailers have supplied the demand for products over the past couple of decades, with things still changing and processes often becoming more efficient. The printer supplies industry knows this all too well, as when the ink runs out customers don’t expect their printer to be out of operation for too long and who could blame them with the abundance of technology available to us these days, making everything instant.

Using an entire ink cartridge in one go is something that is wholly possible, if  you take into consideration the amount of images and photos any one of us could print off from our social media accounts. A photo printer can roughly yield about 130 prints which are 10 x 15cm. If you take a look at the amount of photos you or a friend has on Facebook it is obvious that the ink cartridge would be empty, if you were to print of a complete album.

If you have your mobile device, desktop, laptop, wireless printer, cloud data storage and anything else seamlessly connected to each other, then printing documents is something that can be done from almost anywhere. With this greater level of access to printers and the documents that you might want to print, means that your printer is at risk of running out of ink, much faster than ever before. We now need to be able to order printer consumables just as fast as it is to print something from anywhere and everywhere.

We are a society of mobile technology users that are now accustomed to getting what we want instantly on demand. Printers require ink and toner to be replaced on a regular basis and being able to order as and when they are required from desktop and mobile technologies is something that is now essential. Find My Supplies are an online supplier of genuine HP ink and toner and they have addressed the need for ordering ink and toner from mobile devices, by making their website accessible on all devices from large desktop computers to mobile smartphones.

Find My Supplies also offers free next day delivery, with no minimum order value because they know that keeping up with today’s demands for printer consumables, the need to remove every obstacle in the way of getting ink supplies, including things like delivery costs and orders that take days to arrive.

You can order ink and toner from Find My Supplies by using their user friendly desktop, mobile and tablet sites and what’s more is that you only have to wait until the following day for it to arrive on your doorstep.

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