Mamiya RZ33 – 33MP Camera yes 33MP!

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Digital Cameras have come a long way in recent years and their popularity has only got bigger too, probably due to the love of social networking and the fact you’ll struggle to find people who don’t own a computer to save all your images too. Also SLRs seem to be used more by amateur photographers rather than just the pros. Sadly this gargantuan beast of a camera will solely be for the pros or the super rich amateur.


With a massive 33 megapixel CCD sensor and a mind boggling ISO range of 50 – 800, the RZ33 is a photographers dream in getting top drawer images of the highest quality. One cool little feature it has is the ability to take landscape or portrait photos without having to actually turn the camera . It also has a shutter speed of 8 to 1/400 second.


Available in the US now it will set you back $17,990 or around £12,000 to you and me. However there’s no date for a true UK release.


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