We all know that learning can be a drag. If it wasn’t, with the huge wealth of information that is currently available and ever-expanding all over the internet, everyone with an online access signal would surely be a genius… but they aren’t.

Of course, technology is vital in the constant quest for new knowledge, and incredibly important in retaining and spreading existing information. So technology should be part of learning, but surely with the sheer wealth of technology available, there is a way to make learning more enjoyable?

Recently, certain innovations have unlocked incredible new learning techniques that are only just beginning to unravel. Listed below are just a few ways technology can be utilised to make learning more enjoyable.

Interactivity is key

Children (and adults, too!) really appreciate interactivity when it comes to learning. Being involved in the subject by interacting with it has been linked with faster, more efficient and more enjoyable learning.

With the vast array of technology available to the general public these days, learning and technology should go hand in hand.  Endless potential for interactive learning has been unlocked as of late by the incredibly modern mini-computer the Raspberry Pi, a small, cheap computer that offers an easily workable platform for interactive learning.

The possibilities are endless, and almost every feature of the Pi has some form of learning involved. The Pi offers the next step in interactivity and learning, a fully customisable computer with learning built in.

Great technology for less

When people think of cutting-edge technology, the chances are that they think of sleek monolithic processors and towering shimmering screens with complicated input devices… and they also shudder to imagine the prices of these incredible hypothetical machines.

These days, though, you can purchase a wide variety of extremely high-powered computers for incredibly low prices.

The Pi Hut offers a great range of deals on fast and fantastically cheap processors that can be used to build excellent interactive learning stations which help to rid the learning process of niggling boredom and make it genuinely fun.


The cultural phenomenon known as Minecraft took the world by storm back in late 2011. As perhaps legitimately the most interactive game around, the world builder/survival simulator/everything creator game Minecraft offers a fantastic platform for learning and having fun.

With a special version of Minecraft possible for users of the Raspberry Pi, the once obtuse subject of the programming language Python becomes just a fun game where you must use the Sense HAT to create a map of the world around your player. Many other Raspberry Pi games have features unique to their Raspberry Pi variants, and they are ideal for use in making the landscape of learning more enjoyable for the easily distracted among us.

Learning is something that can easily made so much more enjoyable with the right technology. There are many solutions, but few are as cheap or as convenient as taking advantage of the amazing features of the Raspberry Pi.

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