Macbook, Mackbook Pro and Macbook Air : New models

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I’ve been doing my best to try and avoid iPad overload but its that time of year again when Apple seem to be very busy in releasing a slew of new products and updating its current lineup. With the release of iPad this last week and the apparent iPhone OS 4 event coming this week, Apple doesnt want its laptop fraternity to feel left out so its giving its Macbook Family a boost too.


Reports in Taiwan and Apple Daily claim the the standard Macbook, the Pro and the Air will be updated and available this month a month later than they were actually supposed to be due to a shortage of Intel chips. We don’t have too much info on the apparent changes but it’s believed the new Macbook will come in 3 sizes and the highest specced version will be bundled with a 640GB HDD. The battery life will also be improved to 8 hours after the iPad clocked an impressive 11 hours the Macbook needs to improve it’s own if it wants to stop its fans switching allegiance to the slate.


The Macbook was last updated in October of last year however the Air and the Pro haven’t since last June. An apparent email from the top dog Steve Jobs has led to this news and Apple stores having minimum stock and supplies of the laptops. If you’re wanting to get one, might be worth hanging on.


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