Lumsing 4 Port Wall Charger Mini Review

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Another accessory from Amazon. This time from a company called Lumsing. Just as the power banks I have reviewed recently there is not a lot to say, so I will keep it short.

The Lumsing USB charger is a 4 port 35W travel charger that has the ports mounted into the plug itself. It claims to have PowerIQ which will deliver the fastest charge to your device possible using up to 6.6 or 2.4 amps per port.

As far as walk charges go, this is quite attractive, in a light blue colour with a rough speckled texture.

Performance is as you would expect. It charges all the devices I tried adequately. According to my research, it can happily provide .9A on each socket.

Currently priced at £10.99 on Amazon it is priced comparatively compared to other products on there.

Overall, it is a decent buy.

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