My love affair with Google is over!

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It may or may not have been obvious on this blog that I have been quite fond of Google, all my phones are Android, I use GMail/Google Apps religiously, and recommend them to all my clients.

This fondness ended quite quickly following the launch the Nexus 7, where I quickly learned that Google care very little about customer service and is seriously making me jump ship to Apple for my future devices.

I appreciate this blog post is a bit petty and me just venting at Google, however I do feel it is important to show how much Google is willing to screw its customers over.

Anyway, I preordered my Nexus 7 on the 28th June, as soon as I saw it available, it was completely an impulse buy, and then the following day I decided to cancel my order. I had already heard rumours of the Amazon Kindle Fire, and Tesco were already offering the 16GB version with free delivery and £15 off RRP.

I received no reply to this, but no money came out so I stupidly thought it would have automatically cancelled.  In the mean time I closed my office and started working from home.

On the 18 Jul Google shipped the order, but forrgot to put the address on the order so it took 2 days for TNT to deliver it to one of the neighbouring businesses, this obviously meant I was unable to decline the delivery. It also meant I had to take nearly a full day off work to trek to the office and pick it up (I am self employed so it cost me money).

I contacted Google again on the 20th of July asking for me to return the item and recieve a full refund. I received no reply. In the mean time I also tried to phone Google using the number  on the invoice, which turned out to be a fax number, and I was unable to easily locate any other number to call.

On the 26th of July I sent another message requesting a refund if I sent it back or I would attempt a chargeback on my credit card. No reply.

Finally on the 2nd of August I sent a message again threatening a chargeback. No reply.

Unfortunately when I looked into doing a chargeback I was informed that I couldn't as I had received the goods and I would have to take Google to court.

In the mean time work picked up and I forgot about the situation, and finally on the 16th of October Google emails me saying:

” Hi,

Thanks for contacting Google. It appears that you recently attempted to contact support by replying to your purchase receipt from Devices on Google Play. We apologise for the delay in responding to your query.  If you still wish to contact a member of the Google Play support team about your device purchase (including warranty replacements, returns, billing/invoice, questions about the Google Play credit, etc.), you can reach us by email or phone here:

If you’ve already successfully contacted our Google Play support team, no further action is required.


The Google Play Team”

Finally I managed to get through to someone on Google, they were very apologetic and said the issue would be raised.  Unfortunately the final response from Google has been:

“Hi James,

Sorry about the delay in response.

I apologize that this became so complicated. The best I can do is put a
note in with our specialist team you have your shipping cost refunded. I
hope you are enjoying the device.

If you have any further questions, I'll gladly help. Just respond directly
to this email.


The Google Play Team”

I am not sure about anybody else but I do not think a £10 refund is anywhere near acceptable, I didn't want the device, it has taken 4 months to receive a reply, they didn't even deliver it on time or to the correct address.

Anyway, moving away from the Google ecosystem is a little easier said than done, so it looks like I am stuck with them for now, but I personally would never buy any hardware directly from Google again as they just don't give a damn about their customers.


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