Looking for a half decent cheap phone : NOKIA!!!

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Yes that’s right Espoo revealed yesterday 3 half decent phones that are very friendly on the old pocket so if you’re a scrooge or just don’t want a top of the range phone then look here. What they have revealed are the E5(cheaper version of the popular E72), the C6 (an N-series-esque slider)and the C3(a super cheap Blackberry style messaging phone).


We’ll start with the E5. Running Symbian S60 3rd edition on a 2.4” QVGA screen it lacks the style of the E72 but still packs the connectivity. HSDPA, WiFi and a-GPS are all available. It has Exchange support so is a great little emailer, a 5MP camera, microSD slot and a 3.5mm headphone socket. Not bad eh?? Well how about all that for £160? Bargain.


The C6 is a lot like the N series phones but on the cheap. 3.2” 640×360 touchscreen this time with Symbian S60 5th edition this phone has a slide out, landscape, 4 line keyboard to type away those texts or update your facebook status. It also has a 5MP camera and a front mounted camera. Connectivity wise it’s got HSDPA, WiFi and a-GPS and also has an FM Radio. Memory comes in the form of a microSD slot. Price? £195. Again a bargain.


The C3 is the cheapest of the three and as it comes in beige, black/blue and bright Pink we’re guessing its aimed at the Pay as you Go market mainly due to the measley price of £79(yes thats right). Unfortunately though its specced at £79. Running Symbian S40 on a 2.4” 320×240 screen. Again microSD is the memory although it will playback music and has the usual 3.5mm jack. With a full QWERTY though you should be able to fly those messages out and it also has WiFi for hotspot surfing.


All 3 will be available over the next few months.



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