What to Look For When Buying a New Appliance

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Buying a new appliance can be a pretty major thing. It can be a fairly large investment and making the wrong decision or spending too much money on something that ends up being useless or breaking quickly can be one of the most frustrating experiences in the world. So you need to learn what to look for when buying new appliances so that you can avoid that buyer’s remorse.

There are some obvious things like making sure that you really need or will use the appliance. Many people buy appliances, particularly kitchen appliances, that they end up only using once or twice. Beyond that though, there is a host of things you need to look out for.

      When buying kitchen appliances

You see that lovely new food processor? It does everything you need, it’s on sale, and it has good reviews. You buy it, get home, excitedly unpack it and find that you don’t have enough room in your kitchen to use it alongside your other appliances and your kitchen tools. It ends up being in an awkward position on your counter when you need to use it, and you find yourself always needing to clear up space to use it. Inevitably, it becomes too much trouble and you store it, never to be seen by human eyes again.

We can learn three important tips from this:

  1.       Don’t impulse buy anything

Appliance stores will want you to buy their merchandise without really thinking things through, and you’ll find out that everything is designed specifically to make you want to impulse buy them. Always plan your purchases ahead. If you see an appliance you like, make note of it, think it through and buy it at a future time.

  1.       Double check your space

Appliances always end up taking more space than we expect them to. Often times space in our house ends up being a much more precious commodity than we would ever think.  When you plan to buy an appliance always figure out where you will place or store it and keep in mind the size of the space that you will keep it in.

  When buying electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are particularly exciting, they can relate heavily to our entertainment and can make our lives much easier and smarter than they could have ever been. The attractiveness of these facts though specifically is what makes it easy to make a bud purchasing decision

  1.       Learn from the mistakes of others

Electrical appliances can be exciting but they can always be disappointing. It is deeply important to check reviews or even better ask around your friends and family if they ever bought a similar appliance and what was their experience with it. This will help you separate between genuinely useful appliances and gadgets that you would end up putting aside after barely using them at all.

  1.       Read the fine script

Some appliances have functions that you don’t really see at face value. Others don’t really work or do the things that the advertisement makes it seem like they would. Other times you may end up accidentally damaging or breaking your shiny new appliance by using it inappropriately these things make reading the fine script worthwhile.

    When buying HVAC appliances

The term HVAC may initially seem pretty intimidating especially if you’re from somewhere that doesn’t use the phrase regularly. It simply stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. So HVAC is a catch all term for all things that range from space heaters to large air-condition units and building wide ventilation systems.

  1.       Always ensure you have professional assistance

While not all HVAC appliances need professional help in selecting or installing, you probably don’t need anyone’s help when plugging in a space heater. Many things though do really need some professional assistance when installing. For example when installing air filters it may be a good idea to hire an HVAC filter service.

  1.       Keep an eye open for maintenance requirements

HVAC appliances and systems often see many months in the year where they are not used. Usually we really only need them during specific seasons of the year. This means that you should really keep in mind what you need to do make sure that your appliances are functional and well maintained. Many need repair and maintenance before their seasonal use or at least a check up to ensure that they are still good and functional.


In the end what you really need to look for when looking for a new appliance is that you really want it. As long as you follow these tips and some common sense you’ll find yourself making the right decision next time you buy an appliance. Whether it's just a blender or an entire HVAC system.


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